Need that boat survey fast?

But, of course! Whether you are looking to buy that boat after putting a deposit down or because your Marina will not let you keep the boat there without insurance, almost everyone wants their boat surveys done within a week max. Here is the catch: there are very few qualified Surveyors and even fewer who are not fully booked. Keep in mind that a thorough survey with a water trial will take from 4 – 6 hours depending on whether you have the boat taken out of the water (where a lot of important findings appear). Add to that the commute of the surveyor and Day-1 is gone; then add up 3 days to complete a report depending on the systems and type of boat, and that comes to 4 days.

2021 has been extremely busy and it’s only getting hotter out there, so schedule your survey ASAP!

One comment on “Need that boat survey fast?”

  1. Steven Maxwell says:

    Mark was great. He was thorough with the inspection and got the report to us in just a few days. Best surveyor I have ever had. Very professional and helpful. Will definitely come back if I need a surveyor in the future.

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